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Our Products are Education based and cover a wide range of subjects

Nutrition, Health, Hypnotherapy, Weight Loss, Social Media Marketing to name but a few. Just go into the product page and see for your self.

Wealthucation has been designed and built to enable people just like you to prosper with a low cost on-line Business.

We use the power of direct referral marketing to generate commissions for our members.

When you see a good movie or have a good meal in a restaurant you tell your friends and work colleagues about your experience. That is known as word of mouth..... or Direct Referral Marketing.

Can you imagine how much you would have earned over your life time if you were to receive a small commission on each time you made one of these recommendations.

We cant change what happened in the past, but we will give you a generous commission for recommending Wealthucation.

Can you IMAGINE getting paid time and time again for simply recommending Wealthucation.

We have created an amazing platform That Rewards people for their word of mouth referrals.

We know you will love getting paid for your recommendations and the people who join Wealthucation because of your Recommendation will also get paid for their Recommendations and as these numbers grow so does your commissions.

It pays US.. to pay YOU  
for your recommendations.

How It Works


Referral  Program 

It Pays Us To PAY YOU I know this sounds crazy but it is TRUE.
We could spend a large proportion of our sales revenue on marketing to get our products out there.
Instead we decided to pay people for their recommendations and allow them create a generous passive income that will top up or replace their current income.

We have created an amazing platform that Rewards people 
for their word of mouth advertisement.

 We want to Pay You for your recommendations and the people who join your team 
 we will also pay them for their Recommendations and so on. 
and as these numbers grow your commissions grow into an amazing passive income that pays again and again and again.

Let me show how it works:

2 of your friends join Wealthucation and purchase an E-Book because of your Recommendations and they just like you they see the opportunity and duplicate what you have done

You get 2 they get 2 each = 4 who get 2 each = 8 = complete circle we pay YOU €100.

Each time you complete a referral circle you get a new position (value €25) in a brand New referral Circle.
When the people You Personally introduced complete their Circle, they will follow you into your new circle and push you forward towards another completed circle.
This is the real exciting part of our referral plan as it allows people earn a passive income. 

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